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We STRIVE to enrich environments with purpose, shaping experiences that extend far beyond mere aesthetics...

Based in Toronto- We, If Walls Can Talk, Claudia and Marisol are a creative multi-disciplinary design team that brings together years of design and visual merchandising expertise.

United by a shared passion for crafting authentic and meaningful interiors, we strive to deliver unique and inspiring spaces filled with something special and unexpected.

Warmth and welcoming are at the heart of our brand. Our language is not only inviting but also inclusive, we strive to infuse every interaction with a sense of hospitality, ensuring our clients feel genuinely valued and at ease from the moment they engage with us.

In challenging the stereotype that interior decor is a service reserved for the few, we bring a unique perspective with an investment mindset. Grounded in modern design principals, our diverse services extend beyond the aesthetics; we envision increased productivity, a deep sense of pride in your space, and an elevated visual presentation, that authentically captures who you are and what inspires you.


What sets us apart isn’t just our diverse expertise. We add a layer of creativity and depth with our well-versed design styles, each tailored to reflect the uniqueness and sense of belonging to every project.


On a personal note, Claudia enriches our team with her passion for art and design. She is a natural entertainer, delighting in making people laugh and fostering a sense of unity with her infectious spirit. Her favorite pastime? Enjoying a cup of coffee while exploring design magazines for inspiration. Meanwhile, Marisol brings her focus on functionality and a knack for hands-on projects, along with her inclination for thorough research. Her cherished pastime? Strolling through the park while listening to podcasts. Collectively we layer in a soulful blend of these traits, ensuring that every project is carried out with a sense of fun, warmth and efficiency from start to finish. We look forward to transforming your project into a reality that resonates with you the most.



if walls can talk team

Some kind  words from our Clients...

Coffee table close up
A big Thank you to Claudia and Marisol! Working with them to revamp our Toronto retail store was made easy and enjoyable. Claudia and Marisol provided well thought out and creative presentations, renderings and floor-plans that exceeded our expectations! Thank you for elevating our retail space ".

-Julia Welsh / Tonic Living

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